About Us

"As a WashU student, I never have time to shop, so a service like this is a lifesaver."

-Z.S., Student

"My son has a gluten allergy, and it gives me peace of mind that he can get the extras that he needs from The Shopping Stop."

-N.W., Parent

"I didn't have a car last year, which made getting off campus a big hassle. Between the walk or cab ride and the shopping itself, a trip to the store took hours."

-M.E., Student

"Some of my favorite snacks aren't available on campus, but with The Shopping Stop they're just a few clicks away."

-C.A., Student

"I think that having a service that brings things to the South 40 makes life a lot easier on the students, as that means they can have exactly what they need when they need it."

-S.K., Student

The Shopping Stop is a delivery service aimed to make students’ lives easier on a daily basis.

As former freshmen, we developed these offerings as a convenient way to obtain goods from stores off campus. Our business was designed to make the transition to college easier for both parents and students. 

The Shopping Stop is a business within the Student Entrepreneurial Program and is founded, owned, and run by current WashU students.

Taking care of yourself has never been this easy!