Customer Agreement


Use of The Shopping Stop’s service and website constitute an agreement and acceptance of the terms and conditions established below.

The Shopping Stop (TSS) will perform grocery store pickups twice weekly.

TSS service will not be available during times when Residential Life facilities are closed, which include, but are not limited to: fall, winter, spring and summer breaks.

TSS will make food selections with optimal product quality in mind, however due to the perishable nature of some of products, and limited refrigeration space, perishable items will only be available at TSS campus location for one pickup cycle. Perishable items are defined as produce, dairy items, and some beverages. A pickup cycle is considered two days of store hours following a grocery run. For example, if the pickup day is Thursday, the pickup cycle would include all hours on Thursday and Friday. At the conclusion of the pickup cycle, all perishable grocery items will either be donated or discarded. Due to limited storage space, we can only hold all of your non-perishable items for 2 pickup cycles, at which point they will be either donated or discarded.

TSS will strive to deliver the highest quality goods to our customers, however, TSS is not involved in the preparation or packaging of the items at the stores where purchases are made. Additionally, TSS will not have control over the availability of items customers want to purchase and can only provide those items the stores have in stock. If an order is placed on an item from the TSS website, and the partnership stores are out of stock for that particular item, TSS will either reduce your bill by that amount, provide a substitute product with the customer’s approval, or provide a refund for the items not received.

The management of food allergies is solely the responsibility of the individual customer.

In the event of unforeseen delivery complications or inclement weather it may be necessary to make adjustments to the pickup schedule. In the event of an extended delay, customers will be contacted by email to provide schedule change information.

For customers with delivery memberships, TSS will deliver items to the customer’s door. Deliveries cannot be completed without the customer’s location information (Residence Hall, Room #). Customers will be able to select 1hr windows of time during the TSS store hours. If they have special requests for time, TSS will do its best to accommodate and deliver during those special times. The customer will be notified via if their special time can be accommodated or not. If the customer is not present during their allotted time window, TSS will leave a note on the customer’s door and they can pick up their items from the storefront during store hours.

If an incorrect item is purchased as part of your order, TSS will refund the amount paid for that item or reduce the total amount of bill to reflect the actual items received. An order may be cancelled by emailing TSS at prior to the pickup day. A sale is considered final when the customer places it online or in TSS storefront.

Customer satisfaction is the most important part of The Shopping Stop however, if the annual subscription does not suit your needs, a full refund may be obtained before 9pm on September 15, 2016. If the monthly subscription does not suit your needs, a full refund may be obtained before 9pm on the 7th day of the current month. Also, in the event that TSS does not get our minimum number of customers to function, we will give full refunds for the membership to all subscribers. 

The Shopping Stop subscription is for personal use only, and we reserve the right to limit the quantities of individual customer orders.

The Shopping Stop reserves the right to increase or decrease the price of items based on cost changes to TSS, however, once an order has been paid for, that price is final.

In the event of any change to the customer agreement, all customers will be notified by email.