How do I sign up for a subscription/membership?

If you are interested in obtaining a grocery delivery subscription, you may sign up here, online. You can also purchase a subscription during first year move-in (August 21). The TSS table will be set up along the Gregg walkway (by the clock tower). There is limited availability, so but don't wait too long to secure your membership.   

How long will it take for my order to be ready for pickup?

Grocery store pickups are made each twice each week. For example, it could be Thursday and Sunday. If an order is placed on Sunday through Wednesday, pick up can be made on Thursday. If an order is placed on Thursday through Saturday, pick up can be made as early as Sunday.

If I place a delivery order what happens if they are not in their dorm during the time the items are delivered?

We will leave a note on your door saying that we tried to deliver the items, but missed you, along with the time. Your items will be waiting for you in our on campus storefront for pickup at your convenience.

If I order a care package for my student and they are not in their room at the time they arranged with The Shopping Stop to drop the package off what happens?

We will leave a note on their door saying that we tried to deliver the items, but missed them, along with the time. The package will be waiting for your student in our on campus storefront for pickup at their convenience.

If I have an account, can someone other than me pick up my order?

Yes. Once you have an account, you may add up to 2 people to pick up your orders. Just send us an email with your name and the name(s) of the person(s) you want to add. We will update your account information to reflect the change.

Can I pay for my order with cash or Bear Bucks?

Yes! We accept cash and Bear Bucks at our storefront. You may even choose the option to log into the website, add your desired items to a cart, then come to the store to pay for your cart in person.

How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

Email us at support@theshoppingstop.com, and we will cancel your next month. If you contact us after the billing day for the month (first day of every month) the membership will be cancelled for the following month, but not the current one.

How long do I have to pick up my order?

The Shopping Stop will make food selections with optimal product quality in mind, however, due to the perishable nature of some of products, and limited refrigeration space, perishable items will only be available at The Shopping Stop campus location for one pickup cycle. Perishable items are defined as produce, dairy items, and some beverages. A pickup cycle is considered two days of store hours following a grocery run. For example, if the pickup day is Thursday, the pickup cycle would include all hours on Thursday and Friday. At the conclusion of the pickup cycle, all perishable grocery items will either be donated or discarded. All non-perishable items will be held for 2 pickup cycles, at which point they will be either donated or discarded. 

What reason would prevent The Shopping Stop from adding an item I requested?

A typical reason The Shopping Stop wouldn't add a request to the website is because it is not available at the stores our shoppers currently pick up orders. Also, The Shopping Stop does not purchase alcohol or tobacco products. The Shopping Stop reserves the right to decline any product requests, however we make every effort to accommodate our customers. 

What happens if I order an item on the website and it is out of stock?

If you order an item on our website, and the stores where we regularly shop are out of stock for that particular item, a refund will be issued and you will be notified.

How often is The Shopping Stop’s storefront open?

The Shopping Stop storefront is open four days a week: Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday. Orders are picked up from the grocery store and delivered to our campus location on Thursdays and Sundays.

Where is The Shopping Stop’s storefront located?

The storefront is located along the Gregg walkway, which is right next to the South 40 clock tower. The Gregg walkway is in a convenient location which all students pass by on their way to and from the main campus to the dorms on the South 40. 

Can I sign up after orientation?

Subscription sign-up will be offered after orientation, however we cannot guarantee availability at that time. 

Can The Shopping Stop keep my items refrigerated?

The Shopping Stop can keep your items refrigerated, but we can guarantee the quality of perishable, refrigerated items for one pickup cycle: the first day the items are available for pick up, and the following day until end of store hours. This 2-day pickup window is important to note because we strive to purchase the freshest and best quality items available for our subscribers.


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