Move-In Made Easy Important Information

Don’t let the stress of move-in day drag you down! 

Let us help you out!

Our Move-In Made Easy program takes the heavy lifting out of move-in. 

You can do this hassle-free by creating a Move-In Made Easy package. First, add the Move-In Made Easy service to your cart here. Then, select the items in categories like bedding, bathroom items, dorm decor items, and school supplies that you don’t have yet, and check out. Then, we deliver the items to your doorstep during  international student move-in (August 16-17) at a time of your choice. Our website makes personalized selection and payment quick and easy. If you don't see the items that you need, let us know below in the contact form! We also can deliver your Bed, Bath & Beyond registry. Just send us a customer request and we will give you all the information you need!

What makes our packages so special?

  • We have actually lived through freshman year and made these suggested steps based on our experience.
  • We have consulted with the Office of Residential Life, and other current students to put together our list of suggested items, so you get an experience tailored for the WashU student. 

You can find the Washington University First Year Center's move-in purchase recommendations here.

Our Move-In Made Easy Delivery Fee Pricing 

 Under $200 in items Over $200 in items

Create a package on our site

$54.99 $54.99

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